Code 8


Wade Odlum grades the upcoming future film Code 8 Directed by Jeff Chan.
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

They’re back and they’re more AWESOME.

Eric Whipp grades a highly anticipated The Lego Move 2: The Second Part.
Kirsten Owen

Fashion icon Kirsten Owen glides between two worlds.



Tricia Hagoriles gives this film a stunning look with Director Allie Yonick.
Lululemon x SoulCycle

Lululemon x SoulCycle swing into full gear.




Another collaboration by Senior Colourist Tricia Hagoriles and Director Sammy Rawal.
Warrior Adventures Canada

Warrior Adventures Canada show us the healing powers of nature.

Discover how nature and adventure is used to help Veterans with PTSD.
Newfoundland Labrador Tourism

alter ego sets the tone of this tangled tale.


Eric Whipp explores the East Coast with Newfoundland Laborador Tourism.

We create moments when we #EatTogether.

Wade Odlum grades the latest from PC's #EatTogether2019 campaign with John St.
Gymnastics Canada

Watch how these Canadian athletes soar.

Gymnastics Canada's latest spot with Senior Colourist Wade Odlum and Director Jason van Bruggen.

Good Guy – Eminem ft. Jessie Reyez

Conor Fisher teams up with Director Peter Huang in Eminem's latest music video.
Elton John

Philadelphia Freedom, shine a light.

A vibrant and colourful piece from Tricia Hagoriles and Director Sammy Rawal featured in Elton John's Farewell Tour.
Canada Goose

Celebrating generations of warmth.


Eric Whipp grades the latest from Canada Goose with Outsider Editorial.
alter ego & alter ego films

WINTER is calling.

Eric Whipp captures alter ego's latest winter hat collection.
Canadian Tire

alter ego creates a little Christmas magic for Canadian Tire .

Watch how Christmas magic makes everything better.

IKEA features a novelty song in this holiday spot.

Rethink enlists Wade Odlum to grade IKEA's holiday campaign.
Freedom Mobile

Will Arnett offers us more data and more freedom.

Rain 43 enlists Wade Odlum to grade the latest from Freedom Mobile.

Rogers gives House of Cards star the power to command.

Wade Odlum grades the latest from Rogers Ignite TV with BBDO.

Jon Hamm is the new face of SkipTheDishes and we’re not MAD about it.



Arrivals + Departures enlist Wade Odlum to grade this hilarious spot.
Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons give the ultimate Canadian hockey experience.

alter ego collaborates with Zulu Alpha Kilo to share this heartfelt story.

Leon’s reminds us, “there’s no place like couch.”

Clinton Homuth and Eric Perrella team up in the latest from TAXI.

alter ego discovers the power of innovation with Ford.

Watch how Ford is changing the way we move.

alter ego brightens the future with IKEA.

Watch how Eric Whipp, Rethink and IKEA shed some light on a familiar ad.
United Way

Discover how this colour is used to raise awareness to local issues.


Conor Fisher joins Taxi in the UNIGNORABLE Campaign for United Way.

alter ego takes a drive on a colourful journey in Mazda’s CX – Series.


Senior Colourist Conor Fisher elevates this spot with captivating earth tones.

alter ego is welcomed aboard the new WestJet with Rethink.

Colourist Eric Whipp gives this WestJet campaign a refreshing new look.

These celebrities tell us how to command your TV.

Eric Whipp teams up with BBDO on the latest Rogers spot.

We have all the feelings for this video.

Alter Ego grades Drake's summer hit.
Freedom Mobile

Will Arnett let’s us in on how to get more with our phone plans.

Wade Odlum teams up with Rain 43 on the latest Freedom Mobile spot.
Sirius XM

A biker, a nun, and a teenager walk into a testing facility. Find out why.

alter ego teams up with Taxi in this funny Sirius XM spot.

A colourful spot with a gripping story.

Eric Whipp gives the latest Nissan spot a bold and futuristic look.

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

Staples reminds us that it's back to school in their latest spot.

Kia explores the diverse landscapes of Canada.

Wade Odlum sets the tone on the latest spot for the Kia Sorento.

Remembering those who never made the commute home.

Clinton Homuth and Steve McGregor team up with Grey Canada on this emotional spot for WSIB.
Canada Goose

alter ego gets ready for spring with Canada Goose.

Conor Fisher colours the latest Canada Goose Unweathered campaign with Cossette.

We’re not upset with this music video.

Alter Ego takes on the latest Drake music video.

Meet the Lampton Legend.

Nissan's latest spot for the Qashqai.

Two powerhouses. One sandwich.

alter ego teams up with Cossette on the latest campaign for McDonalds.
Air Canada

Home lives in us.

Wade Odlum & Andre Kirejew team up with FCB for the latest Air Canada spot.

The perfect pairing.

Grip enlists alter ego to help debut the Waffle Double Down for KFC.
Air Canada

Go Canada Go!

alter ego gets ready for the Olympics with Air Canada.

alter ego gives Fairstone new wings.



Taxi's new campaign for Fairstone is magical.
Canadian Tire

alter ego brings Christmas advice to Canadian Tire.

alter ego, Taxi and Partners Film team up to create a floating iceberg in the north pole.

Here’s to the well worn.

Conor Fisher & David Whiteson team up with Taxi on the new Mark's well worn campaign.

Alter Ego warms hearts in new holiday spot for Ikea.

Rethink enlists Wade Odlum to set the mood in the latest Ikea campaign.

Mazda gets a new look for 2018.

JWT enlists senior colourist, Conor Fisher to create Mazda's striking new look.
Travel Alberta

Alter ego brings out the colour of Alberta.

Wade Odlum and director Scott Malo bring breathtaking visuals to the Travel Alberta campaign.

Bell celebrates Canada’s 150.

Hanging technology from the original telephone to VR headsets.
Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism

Sounds of the East Coast.

alter ego explores the East Coast with Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism.
Richard Mille

15 Seconds aboard Sorcha.

Another stunning piece by director Kacper Larski and senior colourist Conor Fisher.
Terry Fox

Alter ego runs with Terry Fox.

Our VFX team creates a new perspective on historical footage.

Alter Ego gets precise with Acura.

alter ego directs, colours and finishes the latest Acura Parts & Service spots.

Moosehead marks 150 years in Canadian History with Alter Ego and TAXI.

Moosehead celebrates both Canada and its own 150 year history all on the canvas of a beer bottle label.
Kim Crawford

Going up with Kim Crawford.

alter ego and Bensimon Byrne team up on this stylish spot for Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.
Home Hardware

Home Hardware launches new campaign.

Gonna Build a Moun-tane!