Canadian Armed Forces

We appreciate our heroes.

alter ego is proud to present this inspiring spot for Canadian Armed Forces, worked on by our colour, VFX, and Motion Design teams.
Stella Artois

Falling through space and time with Stella Artois.

alter ego joins director Mark Zibert in creating the Stella Artois global campaign.

72 hours through Drake’s lens.

Sr Colourist Wade Odlum collaborates with Director Tristan C-M on Drake’s official music video for “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”. Check it out!

The indescribable moment of WAH.

Sr colourist Eric Whipp grades the DC for Hyundai - WAH is the Word, directed by Kacper Larski.
Sick Kids

Make a legendary impact on the lives of these legendary kids.

alter ego is proud to have worked on this campaign for such an inspirational foundation.

Some much needed hang time with the family.

alter ego returns to Virtual Production with Director Shelley Lewis to create a skii hill on the LED wall. Be sure to check out the BTS footage!

Worldwide love for a cup of Nescafe.

alter ego works on the colour and VFX for the latest Nescafe spot. Footage from around the world, pieced together to show you how the world says coffee.
Caledon - FC

Bringing dreams to life with virtual production.

alter ego, William F. White, Pixomondo, and the Virtual Production Academy use virtual production technology on the LED volume to create a CG soccer stadium and 18,000 CG simulated crowd agents in the UNREAL Engine.
Three Thousand Years of Longing

Be careful what you wish for…

Eric Whipp grades Three Thousand Years of Longing directed by George Miller. Check out the feature film releasing August 26.